Happy parents - happy kids, or how to have a laid back session | Familyphotographer Switzerland

A Session is there to capture this very moment in your life, but also to be a wonderful experience for the whole family. It should be a fun and laid back experience. This works out best, when parents stay relaxed and easy during the session. Perfectionism to a fault mostly results in tension, so the first rule for a laid back session is: relaxed parents - happy kids! Its that simple!!!! 


But how can this be done? Staying calm, when you are running late, or when the former white shirts have stains in all colors of the rainbow... It's easy: Don't look at the dirty shirts, but in their eyes and do not worry to much before the session- and if you have any thoughts or questions- just send me an email, because "there are no problems, but only solutions" (thank you Anne for this wonderful and true sentence)


It's important to prepare and plan well for the session beforehand. It is good to explain to the kids what we will be doing at the session.


As soon as you arrive at the session, you can start to relax and kick back. I will take over from there. Just let the kids be kids:

  • They run and go wild- perfect! We do not want boring and posed portraits,
  • The little one is having a fit- do not worry, just take him in your arms and it will pass by in minutes. Extra benefit: most of the times this makes even for the best pictures.
  • Your girl is shy and hides behind you- just give her some time, in my experience this will not last for long. 

And please remember always: I want to capture you, your life, your emotions and yourself, just the way you are! 


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