About the client questionnaire | Switzerland Family Photographer

Hi there, dear friend!

When families come to me, to have their pictures taken, they seek out more from me, than me just capturing their mere apperance: they want their session to be a special family experience and when looking at their images they want to find their love and their connection in them.


All of this requires me to get to know the families and their personalities before the session and in order to do so, I use the session questionnaire.

It helps me to plan the session around each and everyones uniqueness and needs beforehand, and  every time I fall in love with the awsomeness oft the family, before we have even met...

If you are about to fill out the questionnaire and feel a little unsure what I am looking for, or just need some ideas, I have made a list of  prompts to get you started:


About your family:

  • why did you decide to have your portraits taken now?
  • what do you want to remember about your family?
  • what does parenthood (motherhood/ fatherhood) mean to you? How does it look and feel like for you?
  • how do you picture your family? (eg. describe a perfect day/ sunday morning with your family)
  •  tell something about yourselves (hobbies, personality traits, preferences, needs)
  • what do you like to do together/ places you like to go to?
  • if you could pick one word to describe your family- what would it be?
  • what you love the most about your partner?

About your children:

  • what do you love about your little ones?
  • what do you want them to remember about their childhood?
  • how does the perfect childhood for your children look like to you?
  • let me know about you childrens personalities
  • imagine your child playing by him-/herself, what would she/he do? What would be his/her expression?             

Your style:

  • How would you describe your (life)style?
  • what inspires you?
  • books / movies / art / music / ...

Please keep in mind that you do not have to stick to those questions, or have to answer all of them! They are meant to be a little guide, to get you into the right feeling...  I keep those questions very open to give room for your own thoughts and to let you decide which information you want to share and what is most important for you.