Why I love being a family photographer | Familienfotografin Zürich

Hello, dear Friend!

I just finished viewing my latest family session- and as always I am so excited and happy of what I was able to capture. There is so much love and care between these four. This made me think that I just have to share with you, why I love being a family photographer so so much.

You know, every family is unique. At each one of my sessions, I am always stunned again and again, how very different they are- and I do not mean their looks, but the way they smile and look at and move around each other. In all of these little fractions the emotional connection they have to one another does more than show, it kind of ... shines.


And this is what I am after, this very real and deep and unique beauty of each family, shining through in every picture. Being able to give them a piece of art that contains the essence of what is most important to them as parents and as kids, is one of the best things I can think of doing.   


When I head out into the nature on a adventure with one of my families, I never now what is coming my way, or what will be happening next. I know there will be love, but it always unfolds in a completely new and different way.

There are so many looks of love, so many ways it is expressed. It can be loud and wild - bursting into colors and movement, but also shy and soft, like a wisp of wind.  The best thing about this is, that no matter which shape it takes, its always there and its always real and raw. There is a deep and beautiful truth in those moments and I am so grateful that I am able to explore all these different ways of emotional connection.

I love the fact that I am able to preserve these moments for the families and show them what an incredible live they are having, because sometimes we are so busy, that we overlook the things right in front of us or even forget. 

I imagine looking at these photos helps a mom  going on after a sleepless night, or a long day,  when they feel tired and exhausted, I hope that it helps them to remember their incredible childhood and this wonderful time in their lives and the love and care, the trust and protection they are surrounded with...


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