TFP Lounge


I am so glad you are here and talking part in the TFP Session

I want you to be as prepared as you can for your session and for this I have gathered all the information for you here:

TFP Photoshooting: TFP stands for "Time for Pictures," you donate your modeling time in exchange for at least 15 images in an online gallery for you to download, use and print to your hearts content.

Model release: In order for me to use your images in my portfolio, website, social media, etc. you have to agree to the model release. You agreed to the model release in the application form. Without your consent to the model release the session can not take place.

Location: I will let you know on which location we will do the session at least two days before the session.

Time: An Outdoor- Session will always take place 1.5-1 h before sunset. An Indoor session will take place in the late morning.

Weather: An indoor session will always take place, no matter what the weather conditions may be. If we are doing an outdoor photoshoot, the session will only be rescheduled if it is raining! I will reschedule to one of the two following days. If rescheduling is needed I will contact you an hour before the session by phone.

Outfit: We will discuss your outfit together. For the mother/ female I will provide a dress from my client Wardrobe. 

Take a peek here and let me know which dress you like best. After that I will help you to choose the outfits for your children/s and partner. Please do send me an eMail with your choice in the next couple of days. 

For your children and husband I recommend neutral colors (grey, blue, white, beige) and something that's light, comfortable and casual. 

Try to avoid logo words or graphics (eg. comic figures) on shirts. I recommend dresses for women and girls, as they will always look flattering in the pictures. Pairing simple basics with textured overlays, such as a kimono, robe, or a slouchy open sweater looks always great. 

Remove any temporarily tattoos from your kids hands, arms, legs etc.

Wear your hair in a casual way and keep your make-up as natural as possible.

Be inspired by these Pinboards

Your Kids: Let the kids be kids! Beeing a child is what makes them unique and special. We strive to capture your kids just the way they are.  We will let your kids just be themselves- letting them roaming around, exploring and playing- no forced poses or smiles. I took most of the pictures you are seeing here with the kids running around and playing. To take the family pictures I will simple advise you to stay close to the kids or hold them and from there just see where this takes us. Most of the time everything will develop in a natural and organic way. 

To get the most out of your session I recommend, that your kids arrive rested and fed on site. We will take some breaks during the sessinon, please bring along some snacks and drinks for your kids. 

It's important to prepare and plan well for the session beforehand. It is good to explain to the kids what we will be doing at the session.

And please remember always: I want to capture you, your life, your emotions and yourself, just the way you are! 

Please arrive on time or be ready to start on time: Remember, your session is scheduled according to light.  It is important that we start on time.  Please plan for traffic or parking constraints.  It's best to arrive early.

Meeting: We will meet on a parking lot and walk together to your location. This gives us the time to get to know each other and the kids can adapt to the situation and the camera.

If we are taking pictures in your home I  will walk  around  your  home as soon as I arrive and  scout  out  the  best  lit  areas for family  and  sibling  shots.  I  often  use  the  couch, master  bed, and  nursery  for  photos.  

Session: In order to take your pictures in an authentic  and artistic way, which will reflect your connection and capture your true identities, your session will have a special flow to it: I will gently guide you along and move you into the best light and than ... just let the magic unfold. I am not looking for unnatural and stiff poses, with everybody looking at the camera. We will be running and dancing and laughing, but we will also take some moments to hold still giving you time to wrap your arms around your loved ones. 

I do not use props during my sessions, as I want to capture you and your connection to each other.

After the session: You will receive your images around 4 weeks after the session. I will deliver them to you via a private online gallery, so you will be able to download them immediately

If you have any questions, just shot me an eMail- I am super happy to answer all of them !!!!!